A big event for the oncology group of the province....
Installation and operation of the most advanced generation of PET CT machine in Bushehr province

10/9/2022 12:00:00 AM



The installation and operation of the most up-to-date PET CT machine in Bushehr nuclear imaging clinic added a valid identifier to the previous honors of this complex. After years of persistence and perseverance, the honorable president of Bushehr Nuclear Medicine Research Center, "Dr. Majid Assadi", made it a reality in order to benefit the province from the latest cancer diagnosis and treatment technology. The achievement of this important thing in the history of research and treatment of this province is very praiseworthy and worthy of reflection.



Advantages of PET CT:

1- Reducing the need to perform invasive measures to determine the extent of the disease

2- The possibility of examining the extent of the disease more precisely due to high resolution and sensitivity

3- The possibility of checking the extent of the disease more easily due to performing a scan of the whole body in one step

4- Guide to choosing the preferred treatment

5- Evaluation of response to treatment and its effectiveness

6- Early diagnosis of recurrence and differentiation of disease recurrence from tissue changes caused by surgical or radiotherapy treatments.

7- Determining the prognosis of the disease in the early stages before starting the treatment

8- The possibility of determining the location of the lesion in order to perform biopsy and treatment measures such as surgery and radiotherapy









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