Another honorary title of a young Bushehr scientist;
The International Nuclear Reference Book has been published by Professor Majid Asadi

10/27/2018 12:00:00 AM


The head of the Persian Gulf Nuclear Medicine Research Center of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences said: "In order to complete the book" International Clinical Nuclear Medicine ", the book" Fundamentals of Nuclear Medicine "was written and published.
The nuclear reference book was published by Springer Publications
Professor Majid Asadi, in an interview with the Public Relations and International Relations of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, said: "It took seven years to write this book, which has already been published by the prestigious Springer Publications and made available to applicants at the international level."
The affiliated member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran stated: This book has been written as a Board Review and will be published based on a joint memorandum with Springer International, which was concluded last year in Austria.
The most comprehensive book on specialized nuclear medicine preparation
A member of the Supreme Council of the American Nuclear Cardiovascular Association, he said: "This book is considered to be the most comprehensive book on the specialized preparation of nuclear medicine and related fields."
This reference book has 9 chapters and 133 sub-chapters
"This book has nine chapters and 133 sub-chapters, which are compiled in 834 pages," said Harvard University's Advanced Imaging Fellowship and the University of Stanford's PET-CT Fellowship.
Professor Asadi stated: The design of the chapters of this book has been done in such a way that the reader can have a general overview of nuclear medicine in basic principles, clinical, pharmaceutical and physics by studying each sub-chapter.
He added: "Two prominent nuclear medicine professors who have written several international reference books have also participated in the writing of this collection."
Wide reception of Principles of Nuclear Medicine
The head of the Persian Gulf Nuclear Research Center at Bushehr University of Medical Sciences said: "This book is currently available on Amazon and Springer for $ 169.99, which has been met with an unparalleled response from enthusiasts."
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