Molecular Biology Facility



Molecular Biology Facility

Today, molecular imaging has been expanded rapidly and plays a fundamental role in the research and applied sciences fields. The molecular imaging is the interface between the biological and physical sciences and provides a new look to biomedical research to observe the characteristics and monitor the biological processes in cells, tissues and organisms by means of the sensitive and precise modalities and also by using contrasting mechanisms.

With regard to the point that lots of pathogenic processes could be characterized by changing the molecular profiles or cellular behavior before the anatomy effects, this method provides the following.


  • The possibility of rapid diagnosis of the disease
  •  Diagnosis with the accuracy greater than the disease level
  •  The ability to show the effect of the therapeutic factor
  • Improving our understanding about the cell interactions with the surrounding environment

 Therefore, it is predictable that the future of imaging is belonged to the molecular imaging. In TPCF, molecular imaging could be provided considering the substance synthesized bythe researcher with modalities such as CT, Optical imaging, PET, SPECT, and MRI 

 Scientists could also perform molecular biology tests on proteins, RNA and DNA before and after their imaging study at TPCFʼs molecular biology facility.


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