Preclinical PET Imaging System

Touchscreen interface

  • Bed movement control/monitoring
  • Count rate performance monitoring
  • Basic acquisition control/monitoring
  • Stop command

PET Detector

  • LYSO crystal full ring geometry
  • Up to 120 mm transaxial FOV
  • Bore opening: 120 mm
  • Up to 1.5 mm spatial resolution

Animal handling

  • Capsule structure of the bed
  • Semi-automated bed positioning
  • Easy bed attach/detach
  • Animal body temperature control
  • Anesthesia and Oxygen gas flow ports
  • ECG gating (optional)

Room Requirements

  • Minimum room size: 10 m2
  • Single phase operation 220 V
  • Size (W×D×H): 150×150×180 mm3
  • Weight: 250 kg
  • Standard air condition (20-25° C)

Software Package

XtrimVision is the software with a user-friendly GUI developed exclusively for Xtrim covering all needs of calibration correction, data acquisition, rebinning, and image reconstruction. NaF PET image of Rat using Xtrim PET Scanner. Imaging with NaF is the initial method of choice to detect skeletal metastases in cancer.




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