Introducing  small animal imaging devices:



Small animal PET:

An animal PET designed and  constructed for PET imaging of small animals such as rats and mice.this system evaluates the metabolic and physiological functions of the animal body by estimating the distribution of radiopharmaceutical in the animal body .the system can be used to diagnose,evaluate ,estimates of progression of tumors,lesions and organs,function can be used.



Small animals  SPECT:

The HiReSPECT is a small animal imaging system that provides researcher with high resolution 3D images of the physiological function of animal organs.the function of this device is that the radiopharmaceutical is injected into the rat vein, and then the device with its detector system provides a number of two dimensional  images of different angles in the 360 degree range of rats.then a computer software,using the data obtained in a three_ dimensional image ,reconstructs the mode and extent of the radiopharmaceutical  dispersion in the rat .using the obtained information ,one can comment on the effectiveness of the used radiopharmaciuticals  and  the target cells in the best way.






Sample picture of SPECT imaging:

click on the image to download the file for each image:                                                                            



Heart image of the rat    Lung image of the rat    liver image of the rat                          



                                                               Thyroid image of the rat          Kidney image of the rat



Molecular fluorescence device of small animal:

Molecular fluorescence tomography system with the aim of small animals imaging in the clinical and research fields can be used to identify metabolic pathways, issue structure and small animal this type of imaging,the study is at the molecular and even sub_molecular level in a non_invasive and non_invasive manner.the capabilities of this type of imaging can be used to diagnose and even treat some diseases ,such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.also , this technique can be used to improve the treatment and optimization of drugs in pre_clinical trials and then clinical users.



:Animal PET

120mm Bore opening
50mm Axial field of view
100mm Transaxial field of view
10 Number of detector blocks
1.8mm@center without resolution recovery Spatial resolution(mm)
17% Energy resolution
LYSO Crystal material
 2x2x10mm Crystal dimension
 5760 Total number of detector elements
 24  Number of detector rings
 SiPMT  Light to signal converter
 Ring  Detector geometry
 OSEM  Reconstruction algorithm





:Animal SPECT


Comment Description Parameter
4 Optional 2 Number of Detector Heads
Pixelated CsI(Na) Crystal Material
Total Area 100x50 mm2 Crystal Size
Separated by Epoxy 1x1x5 mm3 Crystal Element Size
0/2mm Inter Crystal Area 1.2mm Crystal Element Pitch
Active Area 96x45.6mm Active Area Per Detector Head
-- 3040 Number of Crystal Elements Per Head
H8500(H9500optional) 2 Number of PSPMTs Per Head
Hexagonal Parallel Hole Collimator Type
Hole x Septa x Hole xLenght  1.2x0.2x34mm Collimator Specifications
--  0.1_+1.2 Intrinsic Spatial Resolution
At Minimum Distance  0.2_+1.8 Spect System  Resolution

At Collimator Surface

 0.1_+1.5 Planar Resolution




 : Animal Fluorescence

16MP CCD camera   Camera and lens
8x8 Detector Type
8.4x9.8 Pixel size(w x h micro meter)
1to18@13.5 MHz> Read noise(e-)
 Max 12x12 FOV(cm)
 f/1.1-f/16,30mm lens,xed Lens
 85%from500-650nm> ,>40%from650-850nm Quantum efficiency
10oc ,air cooled- CCD operating temperature
 0.0003> Dark current (e/pixel/s)

 Minimum detectable radiance


 1x1, 2x2, 4x4, 8x8, 16x16  binning
 15fps at 1024 x 1024 pixels  Frame rate
 10  Fluorescence emission filters
80cm wide ,70cm deep, 90cm high  Space requirements
 Standard USB 2.0 high speed interface  Interface connector
 0.5>  (Resolution (mm
 6  Weight(Kg)



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