High Resolution Animal SPECT Imaging System (HiReSPECT)

HiReSPECT provides the highest performance and versatility available to address your preclinical imaging research needs from academic and translational research, to drug discovery and development.

The HiReSPECT is a Dual Head Small

Animal SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) imaging system that provides in vivo high resolution three-dimensional (3D) images of physiological functions in small laboratory animals.


Small animal imaging is an emerging field which has an impact on various biomedical research areas such as neurology, oncology, cardiology, immunology and infection biology.The pharmaceutical industries and research centers will profit from SPECT system as theyaccelerate drug and biomarker development by yielding more reliable in vivo results and cost effective study design.



Tc-MIBI SPECT image of Rat cardiac using HiReSPECT scanner. Imaging with MethoxyisobutylIsonitrile (Tc-MIBI) is the initial method of choice to detect cardiac abnormalities in cardiac imaging.



Tc-MAA SPECT image of Mice liver using HiReSPECT scanner. Imaging with MicroaggregatedAlbumin (Tc-MAA) is the initial method of choice to detect liver metastases in cancer.



Tc-99m planar image of Rat Thyroid using HiReSPECT scanner. Based on the reports of the interpretation of thyroid scan, as one of the smallest organs of rat, thyroid lobes are well depicted and distinguished from each other in the images.



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