High resolution Animal SPECT


High resolution Animal SPECT:


When a drug,especially a radioactive drug that is being produced for imaging or treatment ,needs to undergo Pre_clinical and laboratory tests before clinical applications.in this regard,a high quality imaging system is required.

The size of the mouse is 2500 times smaller than human size.Therefore, a device used for small animal imaging should have a very high capacity for spatial resolution.

The Animal SPECT system can be used for research on the production of various radiopharmaceuticals for the imaging and treatment of tumors,Neurology,Cardiology,Oncology, and immune systems.using this imaging system ,all drug research centers can quickly and accurately achieve their research.

Some of the imaging resultsof this device have been reported at the Nuclear Research Center of the Persian Gulf in the following files:


                       Tc-DMSA Scan                     Cardiac SPECT                     Thyroid Scan                   Tc-MDP Scan