High Resolution Animal SPECT



Our center has a HiReSPECT high resolution animal SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) imaging system. The HiReSPECT is a dual head small animal SPECT that provides in vivo high resolution three-dimensional (3D) images of physiological functions in small laboratory animals.

Small animal imaging has been recognized as an important tool in preclinical research and has an impact on various biomedical research areas such as neurology, oncology, cardiology, immunology and infection biology. The ability of radionuclides to penetrate tissues makes SPECT imaging technique suitable for both small animals and humans. Results obtained in small animals can thus be translated to a clinical setting in humans. Therefore, if imaging studies in mice are to be equivalent to human studies, the resolution of an animal scanner must be better than that of human scanner.

Some of our scan results are reported here. Click on below links to download report documents:

       Tc-MDP Scan               Tc-DMSA SPECT                  Thyroid Scan                 Cardiac SPECT




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